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  •  Do we even know who the "enemy" is? (4.00)
    Regardless of who's doing the dying, shouldn't we have a better idea of who's doing the killing? Following is a letter published in today's St. Petersburg (FL) Times.

    With all the focus on military intelligence, both before and since 9/11, why don't we know who is killing our troops in Iraq?

    We read reports of soldiers and contractors dying. The attackers alternately are described as insurgents (from where it never says), rebels, guerrillas, and terrorists. But each description is qualified in a way that places in doubt whether we really know who is trying to kill us. How can we win a war if we don't know who we are fighting, how many of them there are, or where they come from? How can we win a war if we don't even know what constitutes winning?

    On Wednesday, four American contractors were attacked in their vehicles and killed. As the vehicles burned, their bodies were dragged out, desecrated, and hung in public view. According to the New York Times, no troops or police even bothered to go to the scene until the crowd had dispersed. Poor intelligence? Confusion? Fear? All of the above?

    Since President Bush declared, "Mission accomplished" 10 months ago, more than 400 American soldiers have been killed and thousands maimed and wounded in Iraq. And we don't even know who is responsible. Shame

    We can discredit Bush simply by focusing on the facts. And if we do so without becoming overtly polical, newspapers will publish what we have to say. The truth is George Bush's biggest enemy. Use it to discredit him consistently and those people who still accept his word at face value will become doubters.

    •  I tell ya (3.75)
      The problem in Iraq is still the shortage of cut-stem flowers.  If they had more flowers over there, we'd be seeing more parades greeting the liberators and fewer bombings.

      Ok, I'm being sarcastic.  But that's what I'm so fucking pissed about, that this Bush team tried to sell us on this war without being realistic about what was going to happen.  Sun Tzu teaches to know thyself and thy enemy.

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