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  •  Exactly ... why can't we reserve words ... (4.00) "hero" and "tragic" for those occasions when they really apply? Promiscuous dilution renders them nearly meaningless.

    "All those people who hate America love Michael Moore." - Bill O'Reilly

    by Meteor Blades on Fri Apr 02, 2004 at 04:51:09 PM PST

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    •  Get (none)
      back to bed Meteor. We are going to need you at full strength, and threads like these are not conducive to relaxation.
    •  Wonderful (none)
      It's wonderful to see you posting again. I have been worried for you, and I hope you are doing well.
      •  Doctor (none)
        hey, Dr. Blades.

        When I call you doctor, it is meant as an honorific. Don't get overzealous and go out and actually PLAY with them!

        Best wishes to you and a fast recovery, too. We miss you.

        Regime Change Begins at Home. Prune the Shrub in 04 --Snixiby

        by oofer on Fri Apr 02, 2004 at 07:34:42 PM PST

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