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  •  One last comment on this (4.00)
    My diary entries yesterday complained about kos' comment, "Screw 'em."  That upset me greatly -- still does -- and I said so.  I don't believe that the contractors who were killed should be considered heroes, or that we should ignore the other deaths.  As to ranking tragedies, no thanks, the choices here are just too many.

    You and I believe the war is horrible, stupid, and unjust.  But there are people out there who disagree, and not everyone who is in favor of the war is an evil ogre.  As someone else pointed out, you recently featured the story of the death of a "contractor" who was a former Marine and lamented his loss.

    And kos, I think you are being naive or ingenuous if you condemn these four as mercenaries (doing it for the money) yet praise the US military (duty, honor, whatever).  Many in our volunteer military are eager to go into harm's way, only they don't get paid as much as these guys, and many of the contractors have very high ideals, even if you and I don't agree with them.

    I didn't grow up in a war zone, but I spent a year in one, in Vietnam, flying Hueys for the Army.  My stomach still clenches at some of the memories, and some day I might have enough courage to visit The Wall in D.C. and touch some friends' names.

    War sucks, any way you cut it, and I feel great sorrow and sadness for all the regular folks, on all sides, that get caught up in the madness caused by the "leaders".  It makes me ill.

    I never paid any attention to blogging before I found your site, and I appreciate all that you have done for the right causes.  And since this is your cyber home, you have every right to say what you want.  But that attitude of yours yesterday killed something in me.  Maybe the problem is with me, I dunno, I am usually pretty mellow.  I think I'll stay quiet for a while and see how I feel later.

    •  Keep the faith (none)
      Hey thats the beauty of this site.  Common cause but diversity of opinion.  Everyone comes from their own place on the issues. We commune on that we agree and politely dissent on that we do not agree.

      Any way you cut it you and Kos are both class in my book.  Thank you for your service so that we can exchange ideas freely on this site.

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