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  •  Security for Bremer (none)
    Bremer is an employee of the Department of State. DoS almost certainly is the agency hiring his security and that of his civilian workers. That is definitely NOT a function of the Department of Defense!

    The DoD is quite right to object to being blamed for having them there.

    •  well, thats news to me (none)
      I know that Bremer reports to the Pentagon since this has been widely reported.  But if he is paid by State then it makes more sense.  But still, Embassies (which are obviously State Dept.) are protected by Marines (which are obviously part of the US Military) so it is still odd that Bremer is protected by mercenaries rather than US soldiers.

      In any case, the US government certainly countenances if not encourages these mercenaries, since they are widely used.

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