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    And yet, despite this, you still miss the point. In one case, the institution of the military is designed to use force within a careful lines of command, lawfully, and in compliance with the law.  Private mercenaries are hired to avoid accountability and avoid the law most of the time, if not all of the time.  Acting within those different structures to kill in a foreign conflict has very different moral implications.  
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      We're not talking about a highly trained army vs a Somali or Bosnian serb militia. The contractors were trained, equiped, paid, and directed by the us government. They were not some roving gang of AK wielding street thugs.

      If anything they're most likely MORE highly trained and disciplined than alot of the guard units currently in country.

      I don't miss the point, I reject it as empty.

      •  Actually You avoid the point, again (none)
        They do not exist within a structure of accountability and barely exist within the law.  Nor is that by accident.  It might help to try and read what I'm actually arguing.  They may well be disciplined, but that has little to do with accountability, now does it?

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