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  •  These are not meaningful comparisons (none)
    and I utterly reject the notion that how I feel about these deaths, or these people, determines how I should feel/think about this incident.

    These guys weren't "rent a cops" taking on lawful work that used the skills of their previous career--by definition their work isn't "lawful" in the context of Iraq or internationally.  So try the gedanken experiment of shifting their work to some other hot spot. Should I mourn the deaths of mercenaries protecting giant diamond corporations in the congo?  Should I  mourn the deaths of mercenaries working for SLORC in burma? What makes this scenario different?

    I also utterly reject the notion that not deeming these deaths the same as deaths of our own soldiers in combat is somehow hate filled or, even, inappropriately personal. Of course I'm sorry for these people and their families. But.

    and I'm entitled to that "but" because of all the issues that their deaths also raise for us as a people, as a country at war, as a population from whom draftees will be drawn to fight this war when these mercenaries refuse because the price is too high.


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