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  •  Hey CrazyHorse! (none)
    Look. Armies exist primarily to prevent the collapse of social stability.

    The problem in Iraq is that our illustrious "leaders" did not like the status quo stability in Iraq and irrationally attacked them to change it. We should not have gone there in the first place. (Unlike Afghanistan which was severly destabilizing and was an appropriate use of our military.)

    Now that we are in Iraq, for us to pull out precipitiously would be more destabilizing than our going in was in the first place. Because of the grand and glorius stupidity of our idelogically driven but fact-deprived leaders we are stuck there for a while.

    For us to use our military like mature adults, you need to remember that our military is subordinate to the civilian leadership. That means we need to put mature adults into those civilian leadership positions.

    Then I think all of us need to remember that the right wing tends to win elections when turnout is low and when no one opposes their lies.

    And no. Our American military is not all mercenaries, in spite of the way the right wing wants to reduce every job to an exchange of services for dollars and cents. For many it is as much a calling as is police work or teaching or social work or Intelligence work.  

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