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    "We're constantly accused of siding with the terrorists, and that's an assumption that can only be made by those who see things in blacks and whites, wins and losses, good and evil, with us and against us, war and impending war.

    "Would we kill for our cause?  Of course not.   That's the difference.  We have to be clear and plain about that at all times.  

    I guess what I'm saying in all of this is to just be clear about that.  Don't help those who stand to benefit (in deadly ways) to make these kinds of associations with progressive thought and progressive visions for peace and a truer vision of a democracy."

    Progressive thought and progressive vision absolutely involves being able to understand the motivations behind all of the actions this administration frames as "terrorism."  If we ignore this because we fear the "associations" made by ignorant people then we're doomed.  Unfortunately, since the "terrorist sympathizer" meme seems to be convincing some and suppressing others, it will likely be a long bloody time before the truth comes out.  

    The faster route would be to have the courage to speak the truth no matter what, which includes the courage to not worry about how what you are going to say is going to be "spun."  After all, it hasn't seemed to hurt the liars that their lies can be spun, now has it?  I believe in the truth, and it is true that history has lessons in oppression that we need to look at to understand what is going on right now, both in terms of the al Qaeda and the current attempts to paint a new breed of "home-grown terrorists" (which I, for the record, think are highly questionable).  

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