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  •  Dan Seals (IL-10) is also a map changer nominee (0+ / 0-)

    IL-10 (suburbs North of Chicago) went 55% for Kerry in 2004 and its current Republican Congressman is not as popular as his predecessor. People are beginning to notice that Mark Kirk voted with Tom DeLay 90% of the time. Heck, Kirk is part of the Republican House leadership now (Deputy Whip) so it's his JOB to make sure the Repugs' odious agenda passes!

    Dan Seals, an African-American businessman with experience in the Far East, is an extremely well-spoken, attractive candidate whom some are calling "the next Obama." Since you can vote for up to 5 in Gov. Warner's contest, please give him some love along with Laesch and Gill.

    For more on Dan Seals, click here:

    Thank you.

    "This party's strength does not come from the consultants down, it comes from the grassroots up." --Howard Dean

    by Jim in Chicago on Sat Jun 24, 2006 at 11:03:45 PM PDT

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