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  •  Some thoughts about Tim Johnson (0+ / 0-)

    Tim Johnson has many faults, but his shrewdness makes up for many sins. Mr Laesch mocks Tim making phone calls all day to the folks back home while walking on a tread mill. But those phone calls are highly effective. Though I've never been a donor or volunteer, I received a cold call a few years ago from Mr Johnson and he just asked if there was anything I needed help with. No slogans. No "vote for me this November". No talking point BS. I thanked him, but no, I didn't need anything. Then he asked if there was anything else I'd like to talk about. No, but thank you for the call. I shared the phone call with a couple guys at work - both apolitical 2nd shift factory guys - and they both told me how Tim had helped them out of jams. One had left the military but didn't get his release paperwork in a timely matter, and Tim had helped out. The other had a boundary dispute while putting in a fence. Tim stepped in to help settle that dispute.

    I'll vote a straight Dem ticket this November, but some Repubs get a few things right. I voted for Dr Gill in 2004 and wish him well. But I hope to hear from him, too.

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