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View Diary: Kos: The cover-up is worse than the crime. (259 comments)

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  •  Why the personal insults and condescension? (0+ / 0-)

    I don't know what is more disheartening, your meanspirited personal insults or the fact that they were recommended by so many people.

    People generally resort to personal insults when they run out of substantive, intellectual ammunition. I've read many substantive posts by you, including critiques.

    Have you stopped to wonder why it is that you react so viscerally, so viciously, and so thoughtlessly to questions about Markos' accountability and integrity?

    Is it not a good thing to hold everyone equally accountable, to expect equal transparency from all, not just our opponents, to demand powersharing at all levels on all fronts?

    What is so criminal about holding one of our own to the same standards we expect in everyone else?

    Why does Markos get a free pass, and why aren't you joining calls for accountability, transparency and powersharing here at dailykos?

    That is the real issue.

    Now, you can choose to continue with the personal insults, or you can choose to substantively discuss the issues - pro or con.

    If you just go with the insults, it suggests you are avoiding the issues.

    Incidentally, from experience - not a good idea to use "darling" in the rankist way you did. Not respectful at all. If you can't disagree with someone without pulling that kind of crap, that says a lot more about you than the target of your attacks.

    •  You know I find it interesting (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      That you come so late to this conversation, long after conversation has finished, inserting suggestive headlines underneath every comment you feel is somewhat personal - apparently to draw attention - but you've not yet addressed the issue at hand - that this diarist has admitted not doing due diligence before making charges and now refuses, at the request of the community, to delete it. The diary clearly violates the guidelines and TOS of the site

      So, "rationalist", why do you attack the messengers?

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