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View Diary: Dear New Orleans, Here is how to recover from destruction. Love, San Francsico (59 comments)

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    As to the most "productive", that has to be our version of Rich.

    Take a look at those houses again, and tell me, after adding up all those costs, do you think they are more "productive" then anyone else? By what you have told me, I sincerely doubt it. Frankly, they sound fairly waistful to me.

    the city and county are quite happy to have the taxes jump from 7K to 15K.

    ahh, and here you have found another truth.

    if only land was taxed and not buildings, would the city and county have an incentive to propel this sort of sprawl? You can complain all you won't vote for them now, but they don't care, because others will move in who will vote for them.

    The fact is, a land tax would keep out those speculators and would keep it in the hands of people who deserve it.

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