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  •  Again, piece by piece... (0+ / 0-)

    The citizens coal council link does not work (404).  The base page www.citizens etc .org is an empty page.  Again, I just refuse to believe that tourism is bigger in terms of dollars or employees in WV than coal until I see hard numbers comparing the two.  IF tourism were so big, how would coal hold sway over the economy and politicians?  Wouldn't the tourism industry be more able to fight off coal if it were bigger and had more money?  It's just not logical.

    I eventually got the census link to work (there's an error in the link you provided), but you're going to have to point me to the specific table relating to your claim.  And on top of that, your claim is absolutely refuted by the Mohter Jones article you refer to!  From the mother Jones article: "Coal production accounts for 13 percent of West Virginia's gross state product, commands an annual payroll of $900 million, and provides more than a third of the state's business-tax revenues."  So which way would you like it?  Is coal statistically irrleevant, which is what you seem to want to be saying in point 2 above?  Or is is as big as Mother Jones claims it is?

    I know it's late and I'm tired, but please snip the one percent reclamation line from the MJ article for me.  I read the thing twice and searched for the words "percent" and "reclaim" and reuse" and cannot find the one percent claim.

    At a personal level the impact can be quite bad.  Stipulated.  But we must concede that anecdotal evidence, while moving, is ... well anecdotal.

    WV is 24,087 square miles in size.  That converts to 15,415,680 acres.  (While I'd like to see a cite on the permitted acres you state of 300,000 acres permitted, I'll run with it for now.)  That's slightly less than 2% of the land permitted for MTR.  At a macro level, that's not abhorrent.  At a personal level, it can be sad/angering/etc/etc, but...

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