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View Diary: 'The real enemy is not peak oil, it's resource nationalism' (36 comments)

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    Jerome a Paris, viscerality

    "Oh, please, you oughtn't politicize oil. That just wouldn't be very nice of you at all. We've never politicized it, after all. We would never dreeeeeam of politicizing commodities, especially important ones like oil." I can hear Homer Simpson at his most sarcastic saying these things. Jesus, what flaming hypocrits and liars these people are. They must have a pretty low opinion of their audience to keep spouting this swill.

    As to nationalism, it always seems to piss off the powers that be when people in other countries lay claim to our resources, which through some fluke wound up in their countries.

    This disingenous neo-liberal hand-wringing goes along with the frame that unfortunately many Democratic figures are spouting: that we must break our addiction to foreign oil. It's not the foreignness of the oil that's the problem, people!

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