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View Diary: Bush Proves Trickle Down Doesn't Work As Advertised (194 comments)

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    It's pretty plain to see that, if nothing else, the claim that 'trickle-down' economics leads to job growth and higher wages is bogus.

    The supply-siders want everyone to believe that by giving money back to the wealthy it will be invested in our economy.  That just isn't the case.  Just like you can't expect a company to produce goods in America if it costs more to do so, you also can't expect the wealthy to invest in American companies that underperform their foreign counterparts.

    And even when the money is invested domestically, it doesn't mean it will end up in the pockets of a domestic worker.  The reason companies are moving manufacturing overseas is to avoid paying higher employee benefits in the US.

    The promise of lower taxes for the wealthy was made with the understanding that they would in turn create good paying jobs through investment.  They are not living up to their end of that bargain.

    The fear-mongering we depict in the film reminds me of President Bush and his guys. -- Mel Gibson

    by John H on Wed Jun 28, 2006 at 07:20:23 AM PDT

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