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View Diary: Bush Proves Trickle Down Doesn't Work As Advertised (194 comments)

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    Consumers aren't the supply side...that's what supply side refers too!!!  The tax rebate, was a demand side tax cut, which doesn't do much to stimulate long-term growth.  A supply-side cut is intended to change incentives for saving, investing and work.

    Supply-side has nothing to do with who gets the benefits of the cut.  It has everything to do with the economics of incentives.  

    And even with the tax rebate of 2001, let's put this in perspective...I forget the exact numbers (but I believe they are available on the IRS site), but the highest earners pay the lions share of income taxes.  So even a tax cut of equal percentage would give a larger absolute tax cut to the rich.  But as they already pay more, shouldn't that be allowed?  I think the distribution is somewhere around the top 10% pay 50% of the income taxes and the bottom 50% pay less than 10%.  That's just me trying to recall,  but it is something absurd like that...

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