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View Diary: "Blood on my Hands": Kent State Civil Trials (29 comments)

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    for the entire series.
    As I wrote before, I was 20 in 1970 and living in NYC.  Afterwards, all the colleges went on strike and closed up with most classes as pass/fail.

    Supposedly, classes were cancelled so that we could all work for peace, although most people, including me, had to actually work for real money.

    But the city, or at least people I knew, were in shock and paranoia for some time. They really were out to kill us for dressing different and having different politics.

    I didn't find out until 1999 that my dad had worked on the design and construction of the KSU campus when he was young, turns out I was conceived in Mantua, just up the road a piece.

    In June, '99 we took a drive around campus and he showed me a building that he had sited in his surveying, a foot too low. Obviously, it one of the older buildings as I was finally born in Dec. 1949 -- by then they had moved back up to Willoughby-Eastlake.

    And I couldn't find the 'hill' that I'd seen on all the news reports, now I know why.

    Thanks again for completing this; I find it hard to go back to 'old places', but also cathartic.
    At the wise (hah!) old age of 56, I have found
    that -- so often -- it's only later that all the pieces fall into place.

    So I hope you find resolution of some sort by re-visiting Kent.


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