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  •  maybe (7+ / 0-)

    the problems are:

    1. i have an elderly shepherd girl who has some health problems, and i made a promise to myself i would make her a primary responsibility and not take in another dog yet; i also have a middle aged lab mix; in essence, i'm not entirely certain i have the financial ability to take on another dog right now and properly care  for the ones i have, given their care as they get older starts getting pretty expensive;

    and ...

    1. she's a coonhound --- yes, there's a bit of something else in there, but she's definitely mostly coonhound and, from the looks of it, she has some excellent hunting instincts; looks to me to be treeing walker, and they're maniac hunters; and i have very bad fencing which is not good for a coonhound with hunting instinct because even coonhounds living with excellent fencing will find any way they can to get out and wander, if they catch a scent --- coonhounds living with bad fencing, though, forget it! i suspect that's how she got out in the first place because she's definitely got the manners and the liking for people which tells me she was a loved dog who followed her nose and got lost, probably several weeks ago, given how thin she was.

    iow, i'm not convinced me adopting her would be the responsible thing to do --- she likely needs a home with good fencing and probably a hunting home, someone who'd be taking her into the woods regularly.

    HOWEVER ... maybe. i haven't yet weighed everything.

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