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  •  Prior to 1990 (5+ / 0-)

    Illinois was 15-7.  The Republicans got their map in 1992 and turned it into a 10-10 split (it went to 11-9 R for a while).  Illinois is actually much bluer now than it was in 1990.

    I think that Illinois can go to 14-5 if not 15-4 with a really good gerrymander.  It involves breaking up some of the very safe Dem seats and combining them with the Republican swing seats.

    Your suggestions are pretty much right on.  Weller and Hastert are the easiest targets.  Weller's seat needs to come closer in to the South Suburbs - like it used to be when it was a Dem seat.  Hastert needs the rural areas taken away and be given some of the Dem areas closer to the city.

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      besieged by bush

      I would rather force Hastert into a primary with Ray Lahood. That would probably be better. I think Weller would could really be imperiled if they gave him parts of Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Bobby Rush's districts. But that would probably mean that Rush and Jackson, while still representing heavily Democratic distircts, might be vulnerable to primary challenges. I'm not sure if they'd like that.

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