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View Diary: Time for some Dem-friendly redistricting (268 comments)

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  •  Redistricting = UNDEMOCRATIC, GOP or Democrat (0+ / 0-)

        I think this is an obvious example of why Democrats couldn't even win an election in a 1 party race.  The Dems only want to use GOP tactics when it comes to DESTROYING DEMOCRACY, but not when it comes to, you know, IMPEACHING BUSH!!!!!!!  The GOP had no problem impeaching Clinton over a blow job, but now Democrats won't impeach Bush for ALL the shit he has done?!?!

        That is because their is NO DEMOCRACY is the US anymore.  The majority of Dems and the GOP are all lobbied by the same corporate entities.  They are lobbied to look out for Corporate America's priviledge and profits.  Mussolini once said "Fascism could be better called CORPORATISM."  I think that perfectly describes the current US political system TO A T.  

        Just look at the 2004 'election' where we had COUSINS Bush and Kerry as the candidates.  Both are from the same FAMILY, from the same college in Yale, from the same OCCULT group the SKULL & BONES, and both had 95% IDENTICAL VOTING RECORDS.  Is that what you call a choice???

        Where's the DEMOCRACY???      

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