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  •  Eddie Merckx won twice as many stages (1+ / 0-)
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    as Lance in the Tour. Was Merckx on dope?

    ... we now know a lot of things, most of which, we already knew... (-dash888)

    by Tirge Caps on Thu Jun 29, 2006 at 04:44:35 PM PDT

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      Merckx would participate in all 3 Grand Tours, all of which he won at least once. He would also TRY to win as many stages on the TdF as possible, while Lance (and Team Discovery/USPS) have only concentrated on the main mountain stages and the time trials to get to the top of the individual classification. There is a reason why Eddie Merckx is widely considered to be the greatest cyclist of all time.

      Was Merckx on some sort of enhancers? We don't know - there really was no testing regimen back then. Of course, steroids, EPO and other designer drugs did not really come of age until the 90s. Maybe, Merckx smoked a few joints or mixed in some whisky with his fluids before he got on the bike!

      I suppose you could also ask: was Babe Ruth on performance enhancers a la Jose Canseco? My guess: No.

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