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View Diary: Gonzales Condemns SCOTUS Ruling (151 comments)

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  •  Yikes. (0+ / 0-)

    Thanks for this.  I'm behind in my news.  Although I did do a post when Newfane voted.  (It's near where my Mom was born.)  Vermont, of course, has always been iconoclastic, which is just one of the reasons I love it so much.

    •  They do a thorough job up there. (1+ / 0-)
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      Newfane was just one of more than a half-dozen towns who voted on impeachment at their town meetings. After Newfane, several more began petitioning to hold special meetings expressly for that purpose, even raising the money to pay for the additional meeting privately.

      Plus, 13 of the 14 counties convened special sessions of their Democratic Committees on the subject, and capped it off with an emergency meeting of the State Committee as well.

      No half-assed "venting" going on up there. They're serious.

      •  Independence! (0+ / 0-)

        Impeachment would be just ducky in my book, but what Vermont really needs is independence.

        We were just fine as a Republic on our own, and we need to return to that state. The United States could care less about us, probably 75% of the country could not identify us on the map, and our politics are so different than the rest of the country, one has to bother why we even try.

        We've had gay marriage since the turn of the century. We have been a major relocation spot for Somalian and Bosnian refugees. We have a sizable (for Vermont) Vietnamese and Russian minority. We're the most welcoming, tolerant people in the country. As for the politics, we've been voting socialist for 20 years. Our republicans would be called bleeding heart liberals down south. - these guys have the right idea.

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