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View Diary: Jewish Family Flees, 'Stop The ACLU' Director 'PLEASED'- what you can do (241 comments)

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    I am the blogger of Leaning Straight Up, one of the blogburst members.

    I want to first clearly state I have no direct connection to Nedd Kareiva at StoptheAclu.ORG, who is the person in question that released the information.  I know nothing about his actions, and if true as stated, I catagorically condemn invading anyone's privacy for the purposes of harassment and influence in a legal proceeding.

    I don't even care if the people's names were public record in the filing documents.  To openly post them in that forum and method is to openly invite ignorant retaliation and harassment.

    My involvement with Stop the ACLU (dot Com) and its blogburst is soley to protest some of the cases where I believe the ACLU is acting in a manner that contradicts their stated objectives, and violates the bill of rights they claim they are protecting.

    That is a reflection of my personal beliefs only, and STA (dot com) is a forum where I can express that as well as raising wider attention to local cases of a similar nature.

    I know in that regard, my personal beliefs are at odds with many members here.  I can accept that.  I have never held any presumption that my beliefs were superior, and I welcome dissent at my site.

    I personally have no problem with diversity in discussion.  I link to Kos on my site for that reason.

    In this specific instance, I respect your disagreement of Nedd's actions, and join you in not supporting the release of personal information for any purpose, particularly where that information is being used to harass and shame.

    I have discussed this with Jay at Stoptheaclu.COM and expressed my belief that Nedd's tactics were what I consider way out of line.

    I will continue to post my disagreement with the ACLU and the cases it champions as I see fit, but I will do so by discussing the relative merits of the case, not by resorting in ad hominem attacks or harassing measures.  

    All I ask is the ability to express my own beliefs and opinions on my blog.



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