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View Diary: David Brooks on Lieberman-Lamont (and the vicious dKos) (83 comments)

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    gogol, Tulip, Sunqueen212, BarbaraB

    You could have added some more commentary. Here's some.

    David Brooks's tongue is so forked that you could stick a whole potatoe on it. And yes that's potatoe with an "e."

    In his column and on TV, under the guise of offering "commentary," i.e. words intended to hew to the truth, he says whatever he can come up with that will most subtly (because it has to appear to be commentary) and effectively advance the Bushco agenda. This includes, by the way, columns when he seems to be criticizing Bushco--read closely, he's really not.

    Anyway, here he's pretending to just state the banal CW about the Lieberman race. But actually, he's trying to accomplish two things.

    First, he's trying to make HRC look like she's come off badly by coming out in support of the Dem nominee, whomever that is. (This is because like all Bushco, he hates and fears the Clintons. Note that whatever they say about the Clintons, the opposite is always true.)

    Secondly, he sneaks in there the outrageous statement that the Dem pols all hate the netroots and are hostage to them (us). Far from the truth, but it suits him and the narrative he wants to develop, according to which Lieberman is a "real" liberal (who just happens to love credit card companies and intercity bus rides for abortion seekers) who is blazing a trail for other "real" liberals into the George Allen cabinet.

    To be fair to Brooks, he probably is hearing something like that from Dem Pols, a combination of (1) their genuine ignorance (2) their humoring him by telling him what they know he already wants to think (3) their keeping him ignorant.

    So anyway, ignore him. Everyone else does, now.

    •  So when is he going to attack Laffey? (1+ / 0-)
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      Seeing as how Puddles Chafee is one of those "centrist heterodox members of their party fighting the hard cores" and all.  Or at least so Chafee says, although he only bucks the wingers when his votes don't matter.  Surely the Club for Growth endorsement of Laffey doesn't affect BoBo's judgment.  Mr. Brooks?  Mr. Brooks?  Hey, anybody know how all these crickets got into the room?

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