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View Diary: National Public Radio Was Exposed This Morning (88 comments)

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    What has happened over there?  That was one of the jewels in the crown of the system for many years. But there is an important distinction that you must understand - NPR creates programming and the local stations are all independent.  They are affiliates and not giving to them will reduce NPR's ability to get the fees for programming if your station goes out of business, but your station has to go out of business and they have little to no control over NPR's programming decisions.  

    Especially, with a stronger and larger station like KCRW, you might be better off contacting the general manager and trying to talk with them about creating alternative programming more reflective of your local market's views - don't try this in Alabama or something like that - but in a liberal market like LA - it is something that could be done and might end up being something the station can sell to other liberal markets.

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