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View Diary: National Public Radio Was Exposed This Morning (88 comments)

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    droy20, centerdem

    Leahy got to make his points, the interviewer presented him with the opposing point of view (clearly labelled), and Leahy responded.

    I'm not one who wants to hide from Republican talking points -- we have to learn to deal with them.  Biden did a great job when he refused to respond to Cheney a week ago.  Leahy did an OK job today, but not great.  He should have used the opportunity as a gift to attack the White House.

    The interviewer clearly labelled the talking points as such -- is he supposed to pretend that the Republicans don't have an opposing argument?  We can't hide forever from the fact that the Republicans have figured out how to present their agenda to the American people in a way that gets a lot of support.

    This diary is about sticking our fingers in our ears and pretending that if we can't hear the Republicans neither can the rest of the voting public, and we don't have to worry about their arguments.  Why don't we start a competing network -- National Fingers in Our Ears Radio?

    Is America finally suffering from Idiot Fatigue?

    by LarryInNYC on Tue Jul 11, 2006 at 06:46:46 AM PDT

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