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    Sure, the YK conference got some attention, but I'd  suggest that it only accelerated things a bit, and that this community (and especially its higher profile members such as Markos) was bound to attract major media and political notice eventually. DailyKos concentrates many like minded voices which would otherwise be lost in the diffuse clutter of 90,000 (or whatever number) single source blogs. And of course, DailKos is currently the predominant progressive portal.

    So it's only natural that DailyKos in general and Kos personally are prime targets, in the old school of attack politics. But if "Big Orange" disappeared tomorrow, there would be another home soon enough. Oh sure, the community is the most important part of the site, but I'd be very very surprised if that 100,000 people just forgot about online activism and community. One portal dies and ten others emerge to replace and supercede it. Or more likely in this case, one portal thrives and so do the dozens of others it inspired. There is a richness of discourse here at DailyKos and no single site will ever be able to contain it all.

    So the angry pundits and pols exclaim and threaten and finally bark themselves mute, rather than to engage and discuss.

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