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View Diary: CO-Gov: Ann Coulter Fundraiser Nets $NOTHING$ (260 comments)

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  •  Donny Does Ann (11+ / 0-)

    Thanks for the link.  I like his interviews for several reasons.  He doesn't hide or mask his opinions.  He often doesn't stick with one opinion on issues; he explores several alternatives.  He listens, he thinks, and he reasons.  So when he has a person like Ann Coulter, even as warped as she is, he patiently asks good questions and presses the guest for honesty and completeness. He may or may not get it, but the attempt is enlightening, he does not leave the rails, he stays on point, he persists.  In the case of AC, you can press with a wine press and you may not squeeze out any honesty.  There may not be any, but you will expose more of the real her.  Lately, the real AC suffers from overexposure and hence, she's no longer a draw.  She never should have been.  She's an embarrassment.  

    I listened to about 12 minutes of the 25 minute cut; it was all I could take.  Coulter fits Churchill's description of a fanatic who won't change his mind and can't change the subject.  It's like listening to W and wincing.  Why is the leader of the free world such and incurious, uninformed, inarticulate, and hateful man?  Reading the transcript of either W or AC is the best way to take them. "Reading his words is only marginally less painful than listening to Bush speak." Barbin in KOS.

    Duetsch does make some good points, primarily that the screaming crazy's, the treasonous liberals, etc., don't exist in reality.  They are only a prop in AC's imagination, a a convenient target on which to place the heaps of invective and rage she spews.

    He wins, she's not able to acknowledge the fact.

    •  Basic Instinct moment (1+ / 0-)
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      My boss watched the interview when it first aired and said that at one point in the interview, Ann in her tiny dress, was sitting with her legs crossed facing the camera and did the leg switch and exposed her panties to the camera.

      Now, I only listened to the interview so I didn't see it, and I haven't taken the time to re-watch it, but somehow that wouldn't suprize me.

    •  She just couldnt get the point he was making... (4+ / 0-)
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      unterhausen, Floja Roja, Jimbob, AllanTBG

      And a very good one it was, about the widows.
      Why does she feel the need to attack on such a base level? Why cant she just say she doesnt like their opinions, and leave it at that? She really went off the deep end calling them names and accusing them of being happy at their losses.
      She also cant leave behind the Rhetoric of Godless liberals...
      She also has that irritating voice...gads I cannot watch the woman. NO NO NO NO NO....she yells when she disagrees.

      Keep Canada beautiful. swallow your beer cans

      by pale cold on Fri Jul 14, 2006 at 11:01:14 AM PDT

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