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View Diary: New Orleans drops bid to host Dem convention (225 comments)

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  •  Convention date (2+ / 0-)
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    bree, BentLiberal

    I think either Denver or Minneapolis would make fine convention sites. What is more important to me, however, is that our 2008 Democratic convention happens after the republicans' convention.

    But I suspect this will not be the case... again. We need to know who our presidential candidate is running against and knock that republican down and down hard. I don't want the republicans to come along two weeks later and get four days of rebuttal and attacks against our Democratic candidate. Our convention must come last.

    •  I don't work that way... (0+ / 0-)

      ...the incumbent party gets "last licks."  Like the home team in baseball.

      •  Yeah, so what? (5+ / 0-)
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        xerico, RevJoe, bree, BentLiberal, PhantomFly

        From Wikipedia - United States presidential nominating convention:

        Since 1936, the party not holding the White House has convened first. Since 1952, all major party conventions have been held in the months of July, August or (for the first time in 2004), early September. In recent years, conventions have mostly been scheduled about one month apart, (often with the Summer Olympics between), each with four days of business scheduled, although the 2008 Democratic and Republican conventions are being held in back-to-back weeks.

        As long as the Democratic Party is nice and plays by the old rules, the republican party will win. If there is no law against it, I say its time to break the "rule". I am tired of Democrats playing nice, following the rules, and getting their collective butts whipped. This isn't a sports game, this is the soul and future of our Nation we're fighting for.

        •  Democrats got the better date (1+ / 0-)
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          kitten sedaris

          Given that I wrote some of that Wiki paragraph, let me just say that the last week in August is probably the best date for a convention, and that's the week the Democrats have. Once you get in September, people's attention starts to turn towards school and new shows on TV. In addition, the last week in August allows an easy campaign flow into the Labor Day weekend. It also allows more time to recover from any convention gaffes before the debates start.

          The GOP has to start their convention on Labor Day. You think the press is going to be in a good mood with their holiday weekend interrupted?

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