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View Diary: New Orleans drops bid to host Dem convention (225 comments)

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    If Bush could bring all his cameras and crap down to shoot his abominable lies and false promises in front of St. Louis cathedral, certainly Dems can find a creative way to do this while helping re-create/repair the infrastructure.

    If the end result has a few rough edges, those will only play to our advantage. Maybe some hotels that aren't perfectly refurbished could open temporarily to accomodate the convention? As long as basic health and safety needs are met, I'm sure the incredible cuisine will more than compensate anyone's slight discomforts. If Democrats are seen as willing to stay in less than the most luxurious and perfect of accomodations, our message is enhanced.

    Put our candidates in cotton, linen, and the occasional seersucker, & re-capture the economically alienated voters in the South. I realize that many people on this blog tend to dismiss Southern voters; I will not address that here, but ask those people to consider that there are also increasing amounts of well-informed, politically concerned economic refugees from more expensive northern/western/eastern cities and states. It's time for the strongest economic message possible, and the other cities on the list seem too affluent.

    Why be limited to the status quo convention planning methods? None of that is working for us anymore, since corruption has undermined so much of all the systems - I say it's time to innovate.

    Besides, what could be a better message than a big ol' party rising up out of so much chaos and destruction? It's one I like to envision - ideally a preview of what will happen when we get the filthy fiend out of the Oval office.

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