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  •  I Take your point... (0+ / 0-)

    If Russia responded like Israel they certainly would be able to hide that. so your rhetoric to this end is meaningless.

    I understand that Hezbollah is not without fault and I understand that Israel may feel the need to respond in some manner. Killing civilians is not a just response. Period.

    Let's just assume that Israel wasn't still occupying parts of Lebanon (which they are). And Hezbollah rebels crossed the border and captured 1 Israeli soldier. You do not bomb cities.
    What if they captured 2 soldiers? You do not bomb cities. What if they captured 10 soldiers. YOU DO NOT BOMB CITIES.

    That is my position.

    If they went after Hezbollah in Hezbollah controlled territory I wouldn't be happy about it but I would completely understand Israel's decision. To me this escalation is ridiculous and outrageous.

    America, as you probably know, has problems with Illegal immigrants crossing their southern border. If, God Forbid, there was a shootout between border security and the immigrants do you really think the proportionate response would be for the United States to cut off Mexico from the rest of the world and bomb Mexico City?
    What is more is that Lebanon is a Democracy; in theory it should be much easier to negotiate and to pressure a democracy. Israel didn't even try. They immediately went into attack mode. I think it's clear that the soldiers are of little value to Israel in this case.
    All parties know how easily this war could spread into a major war and unless someone wanted it to happen it wouldn't happen. Someone wanted this to happen

    •  That's (0+ / 0-)

      a bullshit comparison....and you know it.Hell you lost me with your statement about Russia and the Chechans.

    •  NOT comparable to a bunch of mexican immigrants (0+ / 0-)

      Israel wasn't still occupying parts of Lebanon.  The UN established that.  
      Hezbollah, a Lebanese political Party, have been shooting rockets/missles, and killing Israelis for months.  They crossed the border and kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers. They threatened to move the soldiers to Iran.  There is no red-cross visits, no calls to relatives, no judicial review for these kidnapped soldiers.  The soldiers were in uniform, and deserve all of the rights of the Geneva convention.  Israel bombed bridges and the airport to try and stop Hezbollah and Lebanon from moving the soldiers out of the country.

      Hezbollah, a Lebanese political Party, has declared war on America, and on Israel many times.  Hezbollah has been using money, arms, and training from Syria (who has been occupying Lebanon for the most part of the last 10 years) and Iran.

      Hezbollah is NOT comparable to a bunch of mexican immigrants.  

      HOWEVER if Cuba sent arms, money and training to a group that shot rockets into San Jose Calif. for months, killed Americans, and kidnapped American Customs officials.  AND the Mexican Government did absolutly NOTHING to stop them....In fact the Mexican Government announced that they would do nothing because it would tear the country apart.  If the San Jose homes and schools that were under constant fire, were your neighbourhood, I suspect not only would you be talking differently, but the whole world would have a different view about this.

      MY OPINION: You are unable to stand the sight of jews defending themselves.  It is as simple as that.  

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