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  •  Clinton was so good... (21+ / 0-) this kind of thing.  Would be an excellent Secretary of State, or special envoy, or whatever in a future Dem administration.  Mitchell was a good special envoy, too.  Henry Kissinger, even, for all his monumental negatives, has a far better track record in this neck of the woods than this bunch!  Dubya could even send his daddy.

    Aside on that:  I've been thinking about that oft repeated pundit thing about Bush wanting to outdo his daddy.  And in that context, recalled that Bush's daddy once fired Karl Rove.  Perhaps Karl Rove has a grudge match with Bush the Elder that plays into this mess, too?  Encouraging the "higher father" crap, and so on?

    •  Henry Kissinger bombed a sovereign country (6+ / 0-)

      back to the stone age (Operation Menu) and set the stage for the civil war and the communist regime led by the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot. The number of Cambodians killed during the bombing campaigns were as high as 500,000. Some estimates range up to 3 million dead from the Khmer Rouge. Kissinger belonged in prison right along side Colson, Liddy and all the rest of those bums. And we lambaste Israel. Our country sets the standards for over-reaction. But I guess that doesn't count since they don't sit on top of oil.

    •  Yup (1+ / 0-)
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      Land of Enchantment

      Here's a place where triangularization is pretty darned important.  No one would be happy with a compromise, but hopefully there's a sure thing out there both sides would be happier with than allowing this to play out.

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