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  •  over reaction is what we are falling into (0+ / 0-)

    almost 200 people killed in Mumbai, no one hardly blinks an eye .. for all the crap happening in Lebanon and Israel, this stuff is a daily happenstance in Iraq.

    The more I hear about from the gloom and doom set, the more I am beginning to realize this is situation is just another 'missing white girl'.

    Stop letting the media lead us around by the nose and tell us it's the 'end times'.

    It's not.

    Journalistic standards aren't just for 'journalists', anymore.
    We're all journalists, now.- 8.69, - 9.69

    by shpilk on Sat Jul 15, 2006 at 09:53:26 AM PDT

    •  Nobody Cares About Brown Non-Christians (5+ / 0-)

      Thus, any military response by India would be considered an overreaction. What's 200 dead Hindus among friends?

      We went into Iraq for the express purpose of punishing the Arabs for 9/11. Again, if a bunch of Iraqis are getting whacked on a daily basis, a significant plurality of American voters are actually pleased.

      And if the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier or three provides an occasion for Israeli to beat the living crap out of its neighbors, those same voters will cheer them on.

      It's what they want, whether we want it or not.

      And Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and most of the rest of the elected Democrats in Washington are among the cheerleaders.

      •  The Israelis must simply (0+ / 0-)

        sit by and watch as the rockets come in. If Israel tries to defend itself, it's 'the end times'. Israel should have gone, hat in hand to the UN, and lodged a 'formal complaint'.  


        Meanwhile, what US forces did, just to Fallujah, eclispes anything Israel is doing now, by an order of magnitude.

        But, Israel defends itself against an active threat against it's population, and all of a sudden, it's 'The End Times'.

        Oh, Woe Is Us.

        Journalistic standards aren't just for 'journalists', anymore.
        We're all journalists, now.- 8.69, - 9.69

        by shpilk on Sat Jul 15, 2006 at 10:44:55 AM PDT

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        •  What the US did in Fallujah (3+ / 0-)

          Was part and parcel of the same package I described above.

          That there was little outrage expressed on that occasion by any US elected officials and few citizens supports my argument regarding the essentially racist and sectarian character of the current US Occupation of Iraq.

          The difference is that although the direct effects of the genocide in Fallujah were orders of magnitude larger than the Israeli assault on Lebanon has been to date, the indirect effect of destabilizing the entire region is likely to eclipse the indirect effects of the genocide in Fallujah by several orders of magnitude.

          In the end, it's a shared policy cut from whole cloth.

        •  it isn't (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          truong son traveler, Dvalkure

          an either or statement.

          The attack of an entire populace by attacking civilian infrastructure rather than focusing on military targets does call into moral question the method of response that Israel elects.

          And why is the "order of magnitude" an issue?  Iraq is more populated than Lebanon and Gaza.  There were more than 6000 dead in the second assault on a completely encircled city by the US.  The Israeli's don't have ground forces available on those territories to completely encircle them.  Throwing all of that out, how does what the US did in Fallujah make what Israel's destruction of bridges, airports and powerplants ok?  Let's drop the moral relativism and call what is wrong, wrong.

          And does one crime make another crime right?

          Israel's occupation does inflame muslim sentiment alongside the occupation of Iraq.  The refusal to recognize this connection is a problem.  And the "End of Times" is more the compounding of an already bad situation in the ME worse by the disproportionate response against civilian infrastructure by Israel.

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