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  •  Clinton = Bush failure. (2+ / 0-)
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    mattes, truong son traveler

    It is one thing to have Bush the smarter and Clinton do a Katrina fund raising gig, but quite another to bring them out on the world stage to fix the current crisis.  

    Having Poppy and Clinton come in and save the day would cause Bush and his administration to lose face and be judged as failures.  

    Kissinger is so old that he has trouble staying awake and not drooling on himself.  

    Jimmy Carter has the taint of Iraq hostages on him, and would not be seen as a suitable negotiater.  

    They threw Powell under the bus long ago, and bringing him back would be also seen as failure.

    Bolton is not playing with a full deck and a hot head to boot, look for him to be bound and gagged and hid in the White House basement.

    That leaves the oh so experienced Condoleeza " Shoes are Us" Rice, or James Baker.  

    Baker seems the most logical choice to me, if Bush is really looking for a negotiater.  

    Although, after Putin's put down of Bush today, Putin actually might have a gained a great deal of credibility in the Mid East.  

    Maybe Babs with her pithy and always tasteful remarks might be brought in to save the day for Bush.  Remember how much sympathy she had for all of those Katrina victims?

    •  I agree! Bush would NEVER, EVER (1+ / 0-)
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      Do Tell

      call upon Clinton to help solve his foreign policy problems.  Remember that Bush made fun of Clinton's foreign policy.  That was why I was attempting to name some GOPers that Bush might call upon to assist.

      I thought after I posted Carter's name above that those Middle Eastern folks have very long memories and probably would NOT appreciate his involvement in their problems again, and, of course, Bush would NEVER, EVER call upon Carter, especially since Carter was NOT even allowed to go to the Pope's funeral with the government group and especially since Carter more or less gave the Bush admin. a dressing down at the Coretta Scott King funeral.

      I agree that Baker seems the most likely candidate; nevertheless, I still think the guy always has private interests being negotiated at the same time that he supposedly is working in the interest of the government.  

      I know it seems unAmerican/unpatriotic/etc. of me, but I really, really enjoyed Putin's put down of Bush.

      If Bush had not been such an ass during his entire presidency, then I might not feel that way, but....

      Yeah, Babs has about as much chance at acting prudently as her son does.  Maybe that is why G. H. W. Bush's favorite word seemed to be "prudent" when he was president.  He was used to getting imprudent, smart-assed remarks from his floppy-mouthed wife.

      •  And imprudent smart assed remarks from his (1+ / 0-)
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        floppy-mouthed SON, the POTUS!

        Baker is an opportunist, absolutely, but he is simply cashing in like the rest of the Bush family cronies, but he has a great deal of experience in the region so I think he would be brought in.

        However, I question whether Bush actually wants to bring anyone in as he is the Decider, the Crusader, destroyer of the axis of evil, the Cowboy, and not seen as a concilliatory figure at all.  He as so little credibility on the world stage that perhaps this might fall to the British to try and make peace.

        I would have given anything to see a better video of Bush's reaction to the press guffawing at his expense.  I bet that Bush and Putin had a really swell dinner that night.  

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