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View Diary: United States vetoes UN ceasefire call (90 comments)

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  •  From CNN, FoxNews and the BBC (2+ / 0-)
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    Ignacio Magaloni, rgdurst

    BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- After a night of attacks, Israeli warplanes blasted the southern suburbs of Beirut early Sunday in an attempt to destroy Hezbollah strongholds.

    Some of the bombs were dropped only 10 minutes apart and were aimed at targets in the center of the capital, CNN Senior International Correspondent Nic Robertson said.

    A Hezbollah stronghold in Dahiya, in Beirut's southern suburbs, was also hit, Israel Defense Forces said. The day before, the IDF said soldiers conducted an aerial attack on the group's main headquarters in Beirut.

    Israel also bombed northern Lebanon near its border with Syria.

    By Sunday, at least 85 Lebanese and 13 Israelis had been killed.

    Israel Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said late Saturday that "if Hezbollah is disarmed, you'll have an immediate de-escalation of the crisis.

    In all, 33 people were killed in Lebanon on Saturday, police said. That raised the Lebanese death toll in the four-day Israeli offensive to 106, mostly civilians. On the Israeli side, at least 15 have been killed, four civilians and 11 soldiers

    Eighteen Lebanese civilians, including women and children, were killed on the coastal road to the southern city of Tyre when their vehicles were struck by missiles as they fled a village.
    Lebanon's prime minister has made an emotional appeal for a ceasefire as Israel continues its attacks sparked by Hezbollah's capture of two soldiers.
    Fouad Siniora urged the UN to supervise a truce to end Israeli raids that have killed more than 80 Lebanese.

    •  Hezbollah (2+ / 0-)
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      Euroliberal, Darksyde888

      Hezbollah is a movement, its a political party, you can't fucking bomb and stop a movement.  Christ won't Israel ever learn.

      •  You can't kill ideas (1+ / 0-)
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        sc kitty

        I was telling a friend of mine that you can't kill ideas. In the end, Israel might kill thousands, tens maybe even hundreds of thousands Lebanese civilians but Hezbollah's ideology will live on. At some point both sides will have to come to a political agreement or take a huge gamble and see who annihilates the other first.

        Lies, Torture and the American Way! (My Apologies to Superman)

        by Darksyde888 on Sat Jul 15, 2006 at 10:44:01 PM PDT

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        •  Maybe I'm wrong here (1+ / 0-)
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          but won't killing a bunch of innocent civilians, including women and children, tend to strengthen Hezbollah's support? I'm a pretty peaceful person, but if I saw my family attacked, people in my neighborhood killed, children incinerated, I'd become radicalized very quickly.

          •  thats the key question (0+ / 0-)
            as far as I understand, the idea is you can't support a movement that is dead. And, people tend to support winners, which is why any other outcome would strengthen Hesbollah even more.

            Of course all that hinges on the question if Israel can pull it off. One might be pessimistic, given the blunders of GWB, but not every place in the world is goverened as stupidly and incompetently.

            Basically, Israel's foes have called the cards. We'll see the outcome.

      •  Its (1+ / 0-)
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        military wing is a collection of individuals that can be killed. I think Israel is tired of these particular people killing their citizens and I think Bush Co. sees this as an opportunity in the war on terra.

      •  Israel plans to destroy Hezbollah (2+ / 0-)
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        sc kitty, cris0000

        Chris Albritton from Beirut

        It appears the bombing campaign is designed to seal off the south from the rest of the country. There is a naval blockade. Israel has complete air superiority. From reports, the last remaining bridges connecting the south to the rest of the country have been blown. Israel isn’t just isolating Lebanon from the world; Israel is isolating Hizbullah forces from the rest of Lebanon. If this campaign is successful, Hizbullah will not be able to get reinforcements and supplies into the south and neither will it be able to pull them back to protect them from Israeli advances.

        All this points to an invasion soon, and I think Israel is going to try to destroy Hizbullah once and for all.

        Beirut under fire

        •  It's like the Hydra (0+ / 0-)

          the more heads you cut off, the more it grows. The more civilians you kill, the more you radicalize the remaining ones. You won't end terrorism this way, you'll only make it spread.

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