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View Diary: The case against Zionism, a historical perspective part 1. (162 comments)

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    Thaddaeus Toad

    I would put the creation of Israel in the historical context.

    In Europe a terrible war was just over, followed with wholesale operations like: expelling ca 10 millions of Germans from Poland and Czech lands, expelling ca 1 million of Poles from Ukraine and ca 1 million of Ukrainians from Poland (order of magnitude in any case), partition of Indias with more than 10 million displaced persons etc.  White settlers were dominant over Kenia, Rodesia, South Africa etc. and the rest of Africa were colonies.

    However, over the subsequence 57 years de-facto international norms were evolving, dare I say, for the better.  Therefore it makes sense to try to solve problems with somewhat limited time horizon.

    One can go overboard with limiting the time horizon. For example, by limiting the time horizon to the morning of a particular day one can show that all attacks on Israel are unprovoked.  

    Modest proposal: both Zionist and Palestinian narratives may contain a lot of false claims.  I could criticise some claims from a Zionist narrative, but this is a bit unfair because I am unfamiliar with the Palestinian ones.  Perhaps one could compile a book in several volumes "Land of Holiness, Land of Bullshit" in which both sides could submit rebuttals to their respective mythologies -- and rebuttals to rebuttals.  One cannot make the record straigth, but perhaps one can make it more complete.

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