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View Diary: Today, I CREATED a former dittohead. (183 comments)

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    Do you think you'd have been successful if gay rights had been broached? Iraq? Reading your diary, I was reminded of Socrates in Plato's dialogues: he just sets 'em up and knocks 'em down, continually, rarely meeting his dialectical equal or a confirmed ideologue--"Yes, Socrates, hadn't thought of that, Socrates, nicely put, Socrates." Christ made the whores and the lepers a central part of his platform: we can't do the same thing for gays?

    I'm not religious, BYB.

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      boadicea, old wobbly

      absolutely we should make them a central part of our platform.  And absolutely we should do our best to engender equality when we get into office.

      I'm not saying we should avoid the subject.  What I am saying is that I didn't even need to go there.  And anyone who is voting one direction exclusively because of gay issues isn't someone we're going to convince.  But I'll bet there are plenty of people who will realize how badly they're getting screwed on all these other platforms and realize that legitimization of gay marriage is a small price to pay--if that's what they consider it--for correcting all the other ills that are befalling our military, economy and society.

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