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View Diary: The Administration's Defense for Illegal Wiretapping is Just Plain Gone (275 comments)

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    Bob Love, arkdem

    What we don't know is dangerous. I remember when Tice's testimony was planned a few months ago, and there was never any follow-up. Is it because we'd over-react if we knew Bushco was spying on us from space?

    Steven Spruiell reports in National Review's MediaBlog that the whistleblower who may have tipped off Hoekstra was Russell Tice, the ex-NSA employee who also says he was a source for The New York Times story earlier this year about domestic eavesdropping by the NSA. Mr. Tice said in May he planned to tell congressional staffers about undisclosed illegal programs being run at the NSA during the time when Gen. Michael Hayden (now the head of the CIA) was in charge.

    Congress Daily reported on May 12, according to Mr. Spruiell, that the programs "involved the illegal use of space-based satellites and systems to spy on US citizens." It was a few days later that Hoekstra sent his letter to President Bush.

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