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View Diary: The Administration's Defense for Illegal Wiretapping is Just Plain Gone (275 comments)

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    is possible.  There is a way around Sensenbrenner and the House Judiciary Committee.  I am a constituent of Senator Feingold, and in response to an inquiry he replied with detailed information on an alternate way that the genesis for impeachment proceedings can start at the state level. Wisconsin should be the state to start this, since we have a Senator stymied from even a mild censure resolution, and in the same state, another elected representative in the form of the bloated autocrat Sensenbrenner blocking what is at this point becoming the will of the people.

    I guess it would take attorneys in The State Bar Association to get the ball rolling.  From what I recently read on the national level, attorneys are starting to feel like they are going to have to re-exert the rule of law if we are to continue to follow hundreds of years of legal precedents, legal traditions that this administration is trying to throw out the window.

    Who knows where this administration is at now?  We're still reacting to what they did years ago.  They've caught the whole system flatfooted.

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