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    ...I'm a leader in both GSUSA and BSA at present.
    On one hand, we've got adults who purposely run-together "One NationUnderGod" without the customary pause, during the Pledge. On the other hand, we've got me reminding them and the boys that "Under God" was not in the original Pledge (and the original Flag Salute during the Pledge was right hand extended palm up!!). If they praise Eisenhower for presiding over insertion of "Under God", I am there to quote from his Military-Industrial Complex speech.

    On one hand, we do have homophobic adult leaders. OTOH, our troop, chartered by a Catholic church, has to get every registered adult who deals with the kids, to take the CC's youth protection training. That training is reality-based enough to state, Clearly, that most sexual predators of young males are NOT homosexuals but hetero. I remind our 'phobes of that and leave 'em sputtering - I intend to use that datum to undercut what has to be the only admittable justification for the ban on gays in adult positions. The policy is not protecting the youth...

    On the one hand, there are reactionary adults there like anywhere. OTOH, I have had talks with the boys where we discuss popular song lyrics their parents would blanch at - I'm talking Green Day and SOAD here - and leading them to discover the positive lessons therein ('American Idiot' warns against the "subliminal mind***k America" and you can tie that to the BSA oath to keep "mentally awake").

    The youth are not dummies and never were. They can tell what's BS as long as there's an alternative viewpoint heard. If I gave up and sold-out of it, there goes my chance to be heard.

    Oh, and the outdoor activities definitely bring out the best in my son.

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