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  •  Thanks Hamish! And yes, I did see it (0+ / 0-)

    The Penn & Teller episode was right on. Especially the part when they brought in the gay teens with the straight teens (who didn’t know about their gays comrades) and the gay kids did a better job putting a camp together during a group competition. Domesticity is our specialty after all.  The chandelier was a nice touch in the tent by the way. Ha! I know, the chandelier didn’t happen, but it would have been nice though. Something I would do.

    And you are correct of course, the BSA will self-destruct in a few decades. They have become an anachronism over the years. Especially now that they’ve sold their souls to the Devil and become inextricably tied to petty bigots, religious nuts, and now prostituting themselves; goose-stepping in their quaint little “brown shirts” for unethical politicians. Did you see how the Repugnant-cans paraded them out on stage on prime time TV at the GOP convention during the last Presidential debacle. The BSA’s rotten core, emanating from it diseased base in Texas, has become thoroughly Republicanized. Yep, the writing is on the wall.  Bye, bye BSA...not so nice knowing ya after all. I’d give it another thirty years at best. And then it might only survive if it becomes decentralized and drops it policies of exclusion. Oh, that and perhaps plant a couple million more trees.

    Read the excerpts below from an article on the BSA at

    ...and then check out the entire article.

    "A former official of the Boy Scouts of America is facing up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty Wednesday to charges of possession and distribution of child pornography.

    Douglas Sovereign Smith Jr., 61, was accused of receiving images over the Internet of children engaging in sex acts.

    Smith who lives in Colleyville, near Fort Worth, remains free until sentencing July 12. In addition to prison time he could be fined up to $250,000.

    Smith was a national program director and had been with the Boy Scouts for 39 years. One of his duties was leading a task force protecting youth from sexual abuse."

    ...and then there is this:

    "Membership in the BSA has declined since the Supreme Court ruling.

    A number of cities banned the scouts from using public facilities, and charitable groups like some United Way chapters cut off the scouts.

    But, in cities where agencies like the United Way continues to fund the BSA it is alleged that troops are being encouraged to list fake names as members to boost enrolment making the group eligible for more money.

    Federal agents are probing local councils in at least three states - Alabama, Georgia, and Texas."

    Check out the entire article at:

    Also, from another source at

    "Douglas Smith, 61, who was national director of programs at Boy Scouts of America headquarters in Texas, is expected to plead guilty in federal court today.

    His arrest was a blow to the 95-year-old organization, which had its offices raided three weeks ago by federal agents seeking Smith's computer.

    In addition to overseeing all of the boy scouts' programs in churches and schools, Smith ran a task force dedicated to protecting youngsters from sexual predators.

    At the same time, the married father of two was allegedly trafficking in sexually explicit photos of children having oral sex and intercourse, according to court documents.

    The Boy Scouts have had other problems with their personnel, including volunteers. A California court case in the early 1990s revealed about 2,000 cases of sexual abuse of scouts and other boys that Boy Scouts officials in Irving had documented privately for two decades without telling law enforcement officials."

    ....check it out:

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