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  •  People See The Incredible Firepower... (3+ / 0-)
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    LondonYank, Iberian, snacksandpop

    ...of the US arsenal, but miss the incredible weaknesses.  

    Our incredible weakness is the logistical support that all that firepower requires.  

    The tanks, ship, and planes require mass quantities of fuel.  Fuel which was handily supplied by Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War, and in Iraq is now presently being ferried through and from Kuwait.

    They require ammo for the weapons, food and water for the people, and spare parts.  Currently in Iraq all of these are being ferried either through Kuwait or airlifted in to the one protected airport and redistributed.  If you read some of the combat reports that are unfiltered by the Pentagon, yu'll realize all of these vital groups of supplies are in short supply.

    Finally, our whole military concept is based on a  war with an adversary who will obligingly fight us on our terms.  Van Riper's approach was only the most recent and best publicized incident that showed the weaknesses in our miliary, but the same sort of rigged military exercises have been going on for years now.

    If we were to get into a war with Iran now, I fear greatly for our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen.  They will be paying for bu$hco's folly.

    •  I know (3+ / 0-)
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      Iberian, Eiron, StrayCat

      Don't get me started, the military logistics discussion and the state of the military discussions are two discussions I have professional expertise in.

      It is why I am frustrated with the cries about the evacuation of Lebanon made by ignorant people, and why I am much more frustrated with Rumsfeld who has taken the largest military budget in US history and crippled our armed forces for years, even without a war.

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