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  •  As Far as Bush/Cheney and Israel Go, (1+ / 0-)
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    Escalation of this conflict is about only ONE thing:

    The legitimization of the use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

    Make no mistake, that is what this proposed war with Iran is about.

    There is nowhere else a war with Iran can go.

    Kristol, Cheney, Perle, Wolfy, and all the other nutbags have only one goal in mind, to escalate the development and legitimacy of small-midsized NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

    That was one of PNAC's major goals from the beginning.

    War with Iran will only accomplish one thing, the world-wide escalation and use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

    Nobody has any excuse at this point for being fooled by Israel or anyone else into thinking this is about anything else at this stage.

    The legitimization of NUCLEAR WEAPONS is the necessary next step for Israel and the U.S. to force an aggressive NeoCon stance on future administrations who will then be dealing with the radical escalation and use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS by developing countries. That was and is the main reason Dick Cheney wanted to be Vice President.

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