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  •  Saw Peres interviewd (0+ / 0-)

    last weekend.  I had always thought he was not hawkish, but he did seem very hawkish in that interview.  (I believe it was a CNN interview.)  This gave me great concern since I always had the impression that he was a voice of reason in Israel.  I wasn't sure what to make of it.  Your comment sheds some light on it, but it still doesn't allay doubts and fears about what's going on.

    Here is another thing I don't understand.  Why will Israel not stop the bombing when they know there are citizens of friendly countries in Lebanon who are trying to evacuate?  Is time so of the essence that they can't let up at least long enough to let the innocent people caught in the crossfire get out safely?  Personally I'd like them to stop bombing entirely, but why not at least long enough to let people get out?

    •  Well they are steering clear of hitting them (0+ / 0-)

      Because they know that will play into the exact plot against them (to blacken Israel's image in the world community). And they are leafletting and radio broadcasting instructions for where the civilians should move.

      Their operational plan is to remove Hezbollah's warmaking machine in the south including all the rockets and launchers, and to do that with minimum losses they need to keep Hezbollah on the run or cowering underground and prevent it from resupplying itself. So they knock out bridges and continue bombing.

      War is an ugly business, but the border was nearly entirely peaceful until Hezbollah did its seriously asinine attack and kidnapping.

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