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  •  Some contacts for you that may be of help (0+ / 0-)

    Every CHC should be promoting diet and exercise for diabetes and WIC with nutrition programs.

    12 model sites

    If the problem is funding...

    Capital Link
    has some very innovative funding ideas including the new markets tax credit inititive and neighborhood synergy. Contact them and or talk to Alison Coleman at the NACHC convention. They also have an extensive resource database from the hundreds of CHC's they have worked with.

    If the problem is attracting professionals afiliated with urban hospitals to rural locations.

    Marana AZ.
    Clarence Vatne has put together one of the most forward thinking operations I have ever seen, in one of the oldest and poorest communities in the nation.

    Most CHC's get some services from nearby hospitals but some rural areas far from any nearby source of support are on their own.

    Their dietary program includes a food coop, a teaching kitchen, and many other outreach programs in schools and other community centers.

    Physical Therapy, hydro therapy, chiropracty, acupuncture and other alternative medicines are new to CHC's, but Marana impressed me as having a good handle on how to attract them. They are growing rapidly and building a new 20 acre campus to accomodate their demand.

    Marana Health Center, Inc. is the oldest community health center in Arizona, established in 1956 serving migrant farm workers and their families. In 1975, the center became a Federally Qualified Health Center. This health center, along with 8 satellite and school based clinics, provides health care to Marana, Tucson, and surrounding area residents. Marana Health Center has grown to over 170 employees, including six family practice providers, three internal medicine, one pediatrician, two obstetricians, four nurse practitioners, two dentists and one pharmacist.

    Services Provided:

    Primary Medical Care
    Dental Services
    Diabetes & Cardiovascular Collaborative
    Behavioral Health
    Outreach Services
    Assistance for the uninsured and underinsured

    Live Free or Die (-8.88 -9.49) IMPEACH THEN TRY FOR WAR CRIMES

    by rktect on Sat Jul 22, 2006 at 06:15:45 PM PDT

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