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View Diary: Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing in southern Lebanon [w/update] (205 comments)

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  •  Unfortately liberals have become (0+ / 0-)

    mindless puppets of rather clever Muslim Arab

    Regardless of recent revisionistic and politically correct efforts to
    portray the decision to partition Palestine as illegal, immoral or
    unethicalm that decision was in fact the ONLY legal, moral and
    ethical decision possible.

    Historical fact indicated that Jews were present in Palestine
    for millenia and that the vast majority of Jews who were residents
    of Palestine were in fact Jews who emigrated from Muslim nations
    just as the "Palestinian Arabs" migrated to Palestine from other
    Arab nations.

    The majoritity of Palestinian Arabs migrated to Palestine from the
    same Arab nations in the region as the Jews did.

    The fact remains that the term Palestinian is relatively recent and refered to
    ANY resident of Palestine, Arab OR Jewish until the creation of Israel.

    Prior to this the term "Palestinian" applied to any resident of Palestine
    regardless of religious affiliation

    Once Israel came into being Jews became Israeli and Arabs who
    were residents in Palestine at the time of partition became "Palestinians.

    But current political correctness seems to favor Arabs who migrated from one
    area of the Middle East  for economic reasons to Jews who migrated from
    Baghdad or Damascus or Jordan when  those nations were created after
    World War I. The New Rulers who were in fact not locals but Arabians
    were a good deal less tolerant of non Muslims and Jews and Christians
    started experiencing a good deal MORE intolerance and abuse from the
    new bosses than they had before.

    So they had FAR greater reason to move to an areas under western
    rule than the average Arab who decided to move to Palestine.

    The Arab, no matter how poor or uneducated was still higher on
    the social ladder in any Muslim nation than Jew Or Christian

    There was EVERY reason to expect that ARAB rule over Jew
    or Christian in Palestine would be every bit as brutal as it was under
    the Ottomans. You know, those guys who gave you the
    first modern genocide. It was a Muslim  against non Muslims.

    The behavior of Muslim Arabs  in the past was used as a guideto how they just might treat
    non Muslims in a single state Palestine.

    And long before the Nazi's it had been decided by many experts in diplomacy
    that a single state solution would not result in minorities being treated as
    equal citizens.

    The very same principals were used by another population that was smaller
    by proportion than the Jews were to partition another nation.

    The Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent DEMANDED that partition
    because they refused to be ruled by Hindus who they insisted would not
    rule over Muslims fairly. At the time of partition Muslims were half as
    large a percentage of the Indian subcontinent as Jews were in Palestine

    But as we all know, such demands for self rule and self determination and
    complaints of unjust rule ONLy apply when it is the Muslim who may have
    to be the minority.

    It all simply boils down to WHO was a resident of Palestine at the time of

    The Nazi's did their jobs very well. And what they did NOT finish the Stalinist terror

    Every self professed liberal racist exclaims that the Jews whoud be shipped back to
    Eastern Europe when the fact is very few Jews from Eastern Europe made it to
    Israel during the peropd before or after partition.

    Russians would NOT allow them to emigrate.

    Nor would Poles

    Most of the Polish Jews who did not die while the Nazis controlled Poland  did when the Poles
    returned to power under communism. Poles would  not allow Jews to leave for fear that the
    stories of Polish  complicity with the Holocause would result in Poles being tried along with
    Nazi's at Nuremberg. So Jews were denied exit visas from Poland.

    Yet they were NOT allowed to return to the homes and properities that they owned before Nazi
    rule and they could not be allowed to make claims for the return of that property in international
    courts either. The result. The Stalinists eliminated almost ALL of the 300,000 Polish Jews who
    survived the holocaust.

    And the Polish Jews were the most gently treated Jews left in Eastern Europe after
    the fall of the Nazi regime.

    Those Polish Jews who did escape did so by trying to climb the Carpathians and Tatras
    unaided, in winter. Three out of four died in the attempt.

    An finally when they DID get out most of these Eastern European Jews did not
    go to Israel.

    Most went to the Americas

    So those who parrot the Iranian leaders are basically parroting
    racist falsehoods.

    Though it was mostly European Jews who led the government of Israel
    and worked towards partition, the majority of the Jews of the Jewish partition
    of Palestine were just as Middle Eastern as any Arab.

    And the politically right wing government of Israel is elected
    primarily by those  Orientan Jews who most clearly have
    experienced ARAB rule.

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