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    lieberman, the dlc, the clintons all have a right to say "how dare they!"
    and all we have to do is BEAT THEM!  

    let's quit wasting any energy talking about how affronted they are at what we are doing and how  we find that so un-democratic....NO ONE cedes power willingly or you expect them to say THANK YOU?

    WE MUST WIN........

    what is at stake is the DEAN MOVEMENT....the lamont candidacy is the Dean
    insurgency in its full maturity....that's why we can't lose this time!  we HAVE
    to win....the DEAN MOVEMENT is to the deocratic party what goldwater was
    to the republicans....they both lost....they were both too impolitic....
    though truth be told barry g. circa 1964 was a scary SOB but a principled one...

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      Wining is nice, but Kucinich has it right. Could Hilary win? Maybe. Would I vote for her over a Republican? Yes. Would it be like winning? Probably not.

      She recently came up with the idea of improving the Medicare Plan, that is over what Bush has done to it. That's nice, but I dont think that would have that winning feeling.

      The insurance companies have become the broker of the health plan in our country and we now know that means reduced coverage, and forget about dental. Teeth just happen to fall out.

      Hilary sez, well, we just cant change medical coverage to much so we'll just have to do what we can.

      In the meantime Hilary and Engel say 'stay the course' in Iraq. We have to support Tasini and Flagg in the primaries or all of this is just gum flapping.

      We, the People, are going to have to determine the issues and make it very clear to the ruling class that we are sick and tired of this shit.

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