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View Diary: Why I probably won't participate in the demonstrations against Israel (44 comments)

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  •  You are correct (0+ / 0-)

    The left has finally sickenedme to the point that I can no longer agree with anything they do, nor take part in any of their rather mindlessly immoral positioning

    THe left has become MINDLESSLY anti-Semitic and the Palestinians have used a rather LESS educated left as a receptical for a lot of misinfomation.
    Having no tradition of freedom of press the Arabs are simply more inclined to spread a lot of misinformation and often simple outright lies to try to gain a lot of sympathy.

    The kind of stuff I see passed on by the left as fact amazes me. Sometimes it sicken s me.

    By and large the decision to partition Palestine was made by the same sort of people who
    went into Iraq before the invasion and could NOT find WMD's

    That is to say they were professional technicians and diplomats.

    The commission to come up with a plan included both pre-partition India, which had
    a lot of good reasons to not want to offend its own large MUSLIM minority.

    And IRAN which was FLAT OUT MUSLIM just as it is today.

    However NOT ONE of the 11 nations came up with a decision OTHER
    than partition.

    Which was what the Peel Commission almost ten years earlier decided.

    I find NOTHING so offensive as the new liberal tendency to rewrite history
    from a comfortable distance in s politically correct and popular fasion

    Right now Jew and Israel bashing is politically popular and correct.

    But nothing nothing historically accurate makes their postion correct,
    legal, ethical or moral.

    They argue, that Jews only owned 7 percent of the land

    That does not automatically mean that Arabs owned the other 93 percent.

    Fact is that BRITAIN owned more than fifty percent of the land, more in some regions
    less in others.

    The part that was not Jewish or British was owned by 144 Arab families
    who were NOT Palistinians. They were absentee Egyptian, Syrian, Lebanese
    or Jordanian Arabs whose families owned these sort of feudal estates on which
    most landless Palestinian peasants worked.

    So the British divided the land by population.
    Whoever was the largeer population in an area got that bit of land.

    With that they ALSO got the CROWN LANDS for rthe region they were
    a majority in.

    THe MAIN reason that the JEws got 55 percent of the division .

    They had people living in VILLAGES in the NEGEV desert.

    That made up more than HALF of the Jewish partition.

    Except fpr the few Jewish settlements, NOTHING has lived
    in the Negev for the last 40,000 years.

    The BRITISH owned 85 percent of it as "CROWN LANDS"

    On the other hand, the Palestinians got the highlands of
    Judea and Samaria. The  best lands in the entire region.

    The only land that does not require either being drained like
    a swamp OR irrigated like a desert.

    So the BEST decision made by every political and diplomatic
    expert of the day was  PARTITION.

    All sorts of liberal racist arguments about the Palestians being native
    and the jews not being native...

    but more of the ARABS ilegal immigrants than the Jews.

    And most of the JEWS were not Eastern European but in fact

    Middle Eastern. Iraqi Jews, Syrian Jews, Yemeni Jews,Jordanian Jews
    Lebanese Jews.

    All tossed off their own lands, all robbed of their own properties and thrown
    out of Arab nations by the SAME 144 wealthy landowners who owned lands
    in Palestine.

    Th modern LIBERAL hasnt the SLIGHTEST idea of what the world was like then.

    They anachronize and apply modern ideas and conditions to a world almost
    a century old.

    The ONLY just, moral , ethical, and legal decision that was acceptable in
    1948 WAS partition.

    The JEWS didnt actually LIKE what they got. But they accepted it

    The ARABS did NOT accept the decision at all.

    But they did NOT have the right to simply control ALL of Palestine

    They came to Palestine the same way the OTTOMANS and the British.

    They came as conquerors and dispossesed those who lived there and STOLE
    Palestine just as liberals claim that Israel stole the land from them

    When in FACT the modern state of Israel is the ONLY time that the land had NOT
    been stolen

    Every other time someone took possession of the land EVEN THE PALESTINIAN
    ARABS, it was taken by military conquest...

    The Palestinian Arabs merely wanted to have conquests later than theirs undone
    and time rolled back to when they ruled as conquerors.

    Not a very MORAL solution.

    Israel was created by a LEGAL and moral decision.

    The Arab States and the Palestinian Arabs were ALL given the
    opportunity to take part in that decision making process.

    They refused to do so because in their greed and desire to simply
    take back a LOST empire which they had no right to demand.

    If the Palestinians NOW suffer it is due to their decision to REFUSE
    to take part in a legal and moral decision made by the
    only civilized method.

    •  Well, I agree with much of that (0+ / 0-)

      On the other hand, families who had held land for centuries did lose it.  Maybe they weren't as numerous as claimed, but those who did lose their land have a gripe.

    •  Whatever (0+ / 0-)

      The left has finally sickenedme to the point that I can no longer agree with anything they do, nor take part in any of their rather mindlessly immoral positioning

      Good, then go join the minutemen or the anti-choice bigot brigade since they seem more your speed and oppose "the left".


      Mitch Gore

      Republicans believe in training Al-Qaeda, but not in training American workers.

      by Lestatdelc on Tue Jul 25, 2006 at 09:27:20 AM PDT

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