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View Diary: KS-Gov, AG: Sebelius leads Dem surge (274 comments)

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  •  Why Is This Good News? (0+ / 0-)

    What's so great about stacking the Democratic Party with Republicans? Does anyone believe that these "converts" are anything but corporate Republicans?

    True, they're better on social issues -- but not that much better. They want evolution in the schools, which means they're on the cutting edge of progressive politics -- circa 1925. They're pro-choice, but they won't fight for it. They're not anti-gay, but they'd be just as happy if gay people would shut up.

    They're "environmentalists," so long as profit comes first -- which is to say, they're every bit as green as those Dupont Chemical commercials of the seals.

    They don't hate poor people, like Cheney, but they don't much like them, either, and they sure don't have much use for unions -- as Edwards says, the best anti-poverty program ever invented.

    They're not racists, but then, neither are the fire-breathing far right Republicans of Kansas. I've visited Sam Brownback in his home, met his adopted children. Whatever else he is, he's not a racist.

    In fact, I'd bet some of the far-righters are to the left of Sebelius on issues like prison reform. That's no defense of the far-right -- they're deeply anti-democratic -- but rather a concern that Democrats hungry to swell the party ranks are diluting everything the party stands for to the point that it will soon stand for nothing.

    I'm no expert on Kansas politics, so if I'm missing something big here, fill me in.

    •  You're not missing much except (0+ / 0-)

      that the alternative is far worse in KS. I think we just need to get people voting democrat and then work on progressive policies. I don't think many people realize how entrenched the far right are in KS. Getting moderate republicans into the party is a step to the left in a state that desperately needed it...

    •  How stupid (0+ / 0-)

      I don't think Republicans welcome former Democrats with skepticism and derision.

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