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View Diary: Did Israel really deliberately target UN Observers in Lebanon? (108 comments)

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    speculation on what happened.  The U.N. outpost is at a highpoint.  The U.N. observers there have the capability to view deep into different areas of Lebanon with high powered scopes, viewing glasses, etc.  The U.N. observers may have been relaying across their own frequencies strikes they had seen or Israel military movements, which Israel did not like.  Either Israel warned them to stop speaking on the freq, and then escalated to closer fire, until finally they just said the hell with it if you won't shut up we'll take your ass out.  It's either that or a total breakdown in fire discipline over a prolonged period of time.  Israel value the lives of their soldiers above all else.  If you are potentially compromising that even through innocent or mistaken actions they will take you out.

    In the absence of fear, truth becomes absolute.

    by bohdi777 on Tue Jul 25, 2006 at 07:53:15 PM PDT

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